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Senior Europa (Kveloce I+D+i) is an SME specialized in the development, implementation and exploitation of R&D projects and their funding, with a history of more than 10 years. Kveloce research lines focus on the area of health innovation and social innovation, in particular socio-economic impact assessment of innovation, circular economy and human behaviour; new business models and social innovation; participatory processes, co-creation and new governance models; ICT user-friendly solutions for capacity building, communication and dissemination.

Kveloce I+D+i has strong expertise in training activities addressed to SMEs and Research and Education Centres including VET centers but also Business Confederations and Chambers of Commerce all around Spain (e.g. Alicante, Valencia, Navarra and Cantabria, among others). The company has implemented a relevant number of courses and specific seminars as well as virtual and online learning platforms and is also involved in academic initiatives, participating and contributing with its expertise, for example, to the EBT Master of Creation and Management of Technological Based Innovative Business, at the University of Valencia.

Kveloce I+D+i provides support on dissemination and communication activities. Furthermore, the company has strong expertise in knowledge management for innovative companies and develops strategic plans to manage the innovation and transfer it to market. The geographic outreach of Kveloce I+D+i covers the European and international scope, being located in three Spanish regions: Valencia (East region), Asturias (North regions) and Madrid (central region).

Our expertise

Kveloce I+D+I as partner has a strong experience in IT transfer knowledge, dissemination and exploitation results on a European scale in order to reach a relevant impact from project results, thanks to the relevant institutional and business contacts the company has, in particular among local, national and European authorities, stakeholders’ associations, companies, associations, public bodies addressed to the internationalization.

Several international projects provide strong evidence on the experience of Kveloce I+D+I in innovation projects. Among them, we can mention DOCMA (H2020), EFFICHRONIC (3rd Health programme), AppCare (2nd Health Programme), LUCAS+ (Erasmus+ Sport).

The company is highly qualified in training activities thanks to the strong academic expertise of its staff. Kveloce I+D+I has a huge experience in developing and implementing specific course and seminars.


Sandra Vilaplana – R&D Project Manager

  • svilaplana [at] kveloce.com

Rebeca Lucas – Senior Researcher

  • rlucas [at] kveloce.com
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