Fondazione Lepido Rocco

The Vocational Training Institute called “Fondazione Lepido Rocco” manages the Vocational Training Institute located in Motta di Livenza since 1905 and the ICT in 5 Training Centres

since 1999. Lepido Rocco has been involved in several EU projects, either as coordinator or as advisor and has got the VET Mobility Charter 2017-2020. There is a solid paid STAFF (NR. 150), unpaid (nr. 72) for managerial support. Lepido Rocco is a pioneer in the area of the communication between public-private subject. It manages regional, national, European training courses in the social and health field.  At present Lepido Rocco is interested in “first education” (three-year courses for qualification and specialization after the Secondary School 2°) and in training activities addressed to Youth and Adult people for their re-qualification and/or specialization. It has long lasting experience with vulnerable beneficiaries. Moreover, the Association has specialized both in the field of training for disadvantaged people, and in the field of job placement of people with social problems (migrants and women, refugees, drugs addicts, former prisoners). In collaboration with Veneto Region, the Province of Treviso, the Regional School Board of Veneto, Lepido Rocco  has implemented projects for the analyses and survey of the best practices for the job placement of wellness sectori, wellbeing and disadvantages people.

Fondazione Lepido Rocco is a modern functional training community, inspiring and supporting all ages and wellbeing levels in becoming the best version of yourself. Fondazione Lepido Rocco understand there are many different health and wellbeing goals so we motivate and educate our STAFF and Students and Stakeholdera by using the most up to date equipment and training techniques. We use a variety of different workout sessions to achieve desired learning-training results.

It also developed an operational framework to test the ECVET system and to facilitate the recognition and transfer of units of learning outcomes. Specific methodological tools have been developed in order to analyze and describe different vocational qualifications (EQF levels 2-3) as a model for the validation, recognition, accumulation and transfer of units of LOs with reference to the existing European transparency tools (EQF, Europass, ECTS) and shared principles (validation of non-formal and informal learning and quality assurance) in order to promote transnational mobility in Europe.

FONDAZIONE LEPIDO ROCCO is a European non-profit association, devoted to support their members (HEIs, SMEs, NGOs, PAs, Social Institutions) to promote the intra-European advancement of fundraising and with resources in project management and training competence. Through its rich network of transnational partners in the 28 countries of the enlarged Europe, Lepido Rocco favours international connections and contributes to the innovation and competitiveness process of the local systems on Digital Skills Competences .

LEPIDO ROCCO maintains relationships with SMEs (COSTA CROCIERE per Garanzia Giovani Founds, Siemens, Clavister, etc,) sharing the same concerns, such as violence prevention and promoting gendere equality. Concerning to its experiences with the Dual education system and good cooperation with schools and companies, Lepido Rocco wants to analyse what kind of pros and cons the Italian Vocational Dual Educations System have and through its network spread the best practice not only in Veneto Region but Europe-wide.  The cooperation with EU partners is a good opportunity to find out, which Educational System is effective and how could this be standardized. Through this best method for teachers, early school leaver should be more motivated to graduate.

LEPIDO ROCCO pioneers approaches to formal and non-formal learning to enable personal growth as well as inclusive and sustainable change in organisations and territories. To this purpose LEPIDO ROCCO elaborates and manages demand-driven projects aiming at  the empowerment of individuals through personalised, collaborative and participative forms of learning and further resources on Safe and supportive Schools. We favour equitable learning opportunities by using museum, libraries, theatres and Caffè as alternative learning environments but we do not renounce fundamental activities like proper training need analysis, assessment and validation of competences. LEPIDO ROCCO has at is disposal the skills of a group of ECVET experts with many years of experience. LEPIDO ROCCO participates as partner into Erasmus projects KA1,KA2, where it leads the WPs Dissemination and Evaluation. IT shared its training experiences and in particular coordinated the discussions linked to gender aspects of training.

LEPIDO ROCCO regularly cooperates with The Veneto Regional Schools Board, italian and foreign and its network of Associations and local authorities in different projects for the promotion of digital kits as a tool for social inclusion and education. Within this context LEPIDO ROCCO tasks are related to management, evaluation and monitoring, project planning, organisation of 5 Transnational meetings/local working groups, 120h/courses, as well as the development of a partecipatory (TRIPAX) teaching methodology in a participatory process in the selected Schools and Vocational training Centres in Veneto,  the adaptation of educational contents to different issues related to the Beauty care strategies.


Alberto Visentin

  • Direttore Generale
    Fondazione “Lepido Rocco”
  • Via Lepido Rocco 6, 31045 Motta di Livenza (TV)
  • Tel. 0422 867511    Mob. 334 6824393

Ilaria Tommasella

  • Direttore Responsabile Amministrativa¡
  • Fondazione “Lepido Rocco”
  • Via Lepido Rocco 6
  • 31045 Motta di Livenza (TV)
  • 0422/867511

Giorgia Costalonga

  • Responsabile Area Internazionale
  • Fondazione “Lepido Rocco”
  • Via Franchini nr. 3, Lancenigo (Treviso)
  • Tel. +39 0422 656813 cell. +39 342 1218168
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