Economic Institute Maribor, Research & Entrepreneurship

Economic Institute Maribor (EIM) is a privately owned enterprise operating on a non-profit basis. Its main activities include advice, assistance and professional support services for SMEs, regional development, economic research and development, and HR development.

In its assistance to SMEs located in the broader region of Maribor, Slovenia, EIM works as one of the support institutions, helping SMEs from early stages, such as developing a business idea and starting the business, till SME scaling and internationalisation. EIM works with national SME support institutions, such as SPIRIT Slovenia – the Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investments and Technology, Slovenian Enterprise Fund, line ministries, regional development agencies and other public agencies where it has been active in developing SME support schemes and the implementation of national programmes. Over the years, support activities for SMEs, with a special emphasis on cross-border cooperation with the neighbouring countries, particularly Austria, Croatia and Hungary, has been promoted through Interreg programmes, where several projects, involving various support and assistance products for SMEs in different areas and for different target groups (e.g. women, young entrepreneurs, unemployed, etc.) have been completed.

In the area of HR development (HRD), EIM has been active in the development of special support schemes for skills development and provision of different support programmes, including advice, assistance, and training courses. EIM has been working with a variety of target groups and stakeholders, such as employees, employers, unemployed, vulnerable groups, public institutions, including secondary and tertiary educational institutions, HRD support institutions, and policy makers. Many of actual models and schemes have been developed working with vast international partnerships supported by European programmes, such as Interreg and Erasmus, where in particular transfer of knowledge and good practice have been promoted. During recent years, a special focus was put also on social economy, supporting various forms of social entrepreneurship, while co-creating support schemes at local and national levels.

Contact details:

  • Viljenka Godina, Director
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +386 2 23 52 344
  • Mobile: +386 41 766 114
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