Confesercenti Regionale del Veneto

As a trade association, Confesercenti Regionale del Veneto not only carries out union representation for its members, but it also identifies and offers new business opportunities, regulates business interests, and provides services and technical, commercial and financial assistance through its provincial and local offices. Confesercenti Veneto has the aim of becoming a sort of laboratory where new research hypotheses in terms of efficiency, management and development opportunity are followed up.

Confesercenti Veneto, with the greatest respect of the principles of democracy and independence, promotes, organises and directs all the activities necessary in order to insure active participation of the trade categories represented in the formulation of regional economic and social policy, in the search for continuous collaboration and discussion with all the other democratic organisations which pursue aims similar to its own.

It develops the following Services for Businesses:

  • It promotes the constitution of the regional level of sector organisations and/or trade organisations, in adherence to federal decisions;
  • It develop and directs regional service policy in harmony with the aims of the Confederation
  • It adopts, when necessary in agreement with provincial organisations, the realisation of regional technical service facilities, and promotes the setting up or participation in companies which provide real services for businesses;
  • It verifies and checks the correct management of assets nd liabilities as well as the application of national administrative regulations by territorial organisations, proposing, where necessary, provisional administration or national federal intervention
  • It advises with regard to the approval of budgets and final balance sheets of provincial organisations;
  • It exercises a pre-eminent role in activities in the field of implementation of information technology, professional training, credit and financial services, technical assistance for businesses
  • It develops its own policies with regard to commercial urbanisation, situation and dimensioning of large sales outlets, trade in public areas, environmental policy, tourism, and innovative services for businesses.


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